Kelly McKenzie

Winner – 2018 Hawke’s Bay Editorial Stylist of the Year

Winner – 2017 Hawke’s Bay Editorial Stylist of the Year

Winner – 2016 NZARH Hawke’s Bay Editorial Stylist

1st – The Live Cut Senior 2016

1st –  Presentation Colour Senior 2016

2nd –  Live Hair by Night Senior  2016

Top – Hawke’s Bay Senior Stylist 2016

Finalist – Patrick Cameron 2015 NZ

2nd – The Colour 2015

3rd – The Cut 2015

Top – Colour of the Day 2013

1st – Urban Colour Open 2013

2nd – Women’s/Men’s Fashion Cut Senior

4th – Urban Colour Open 2012

1st – Urban Colour Open 2011

Megan Perfect

Finalist – 2017 Hawkes Bay Editorial Stylist of the Year

Winner – 2016 New Zealand Patrick Cameron photographic challenge

1st – The Live Cut Next Generation 2016

1st – Presentation Colour Next Generation 2016

Bonnie Stewart

Winner – 2017 New Zealand Le Male Editorial Stylist of the Year

3rd – 2010 Urban Night

2nd – 2010 Directional Men’s cut

Merit  – 2010 Merit and Hawke’s Bay Winner NZARH photographic

1st – 2013 Oceanic Masters, 1st conversion

Winner – 2013 Overall Oceanic masters 

2nd – 2013  Oceanic Masters Hobert supremes Australia

Winner – 2014 New Zealand  NZARH Le Male Editorial Stylist

Love getting my hair done at Pure Hair it's always a relaxing me time moment where I have the complete attention of my stylist. I leave feeling refreshed and relaxed with a hairstyle that makes me smile.

Jennifer Gittings

I love Pure Hair. I trust Kelly to make my hair vibrant and fabulous. She always has new ideas and a great sense of style. Plus everyone at the salon is really friendly, professional, funky and welcoming. It is a great place to spend an afternoon. Plus I love all the great comments from people who love my hair colours.

Catherine Marshall

I couldn't recommend Pure Hair enough, and especially my hair dresser Teagan! I first came to Pure a year ago after moving back from London and even though I've since moved away from Napier, I always book in when I'm back visiting family for the weekend. Each time I leave feeling well looked after and totally relaxed after one of the amazing head massages.

Tessa Hare

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